I went down to the crossroads

The only reason why I’m up this late is cuz I can’t wait to eat breakfast.

So I had a party on Saturday and I don’t remember what happened the last 2 hours…. Apparently I was on tumblr…. I don’t know if I want to find out who I messaged or what I posted. 

I had a seripus life talk with my dad. Fuuuuuck. Im so worried andso drunk….,… Fuvck my life?¿…….

Its so weird waking up and trying to remember why I was crying in my dream last night.




Supernatural crew holiday party season 9

What is even happening. What.

Still don’t understand what’s goin on….

It’s so hard making plans with people. Ugh. I’m more of the spontaneous “I’m free today/right now/tomorrow/tonight! Do you wanna hangout?" ugh. i suck. 

Just scored a burgundy leather jacket for $20! Bout to cosplay as Peter Quill (aka Star Lord)!

And last night I had a dream that I was taking care of these kids who were also ninjas or something in this bomb shelter in some frozen wintery forest place.
And Vee from OITNB was knocking on my door trying to kidnap my children?
And then at some point I was sleeping in a room with some roommaates but it turned out that the room was the bathroom and my roommates were enemy ninjas? And I felt so betrayed because on of them i was cuddle buddies with?

Yesterday I had a dream that I was a time traveler with a mech suit who ended up in with some pirates and I fell in love with one of them and they helped me recover my mech suit from these other pirates? And at one point we were cuddling underneath a tree and i had to explain why I couldn’t reveal anything about the future?